Winchester Model 12 Bayonet

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Winchester Model 12 Bayonet. The 12 month average price is $824.83 new and $444.84 used. A winchester model 12 shotgun shotgun is currently worth an average price of $824.83 new and $554.21 used.

Winchester Model 12 Bayonet
U.S. Winchester Model 12 Trench Shotgun from

Hey kano, i got into contact with the trench gun guy. It was for the winchester model 1895 muskets that were also made for russia. To find one in this fine of condition is a real prize!

Hey Kano, I Got Into Contact With The Trench Gun Guy.

Winchester model 1897|12 ga shotguns. The bottom one with the w in a circle is a winchester made model 1917 bayonet. The highest recorded model 12 trenchgun in the canfield book is 1035508.

Winchester Model 1200 Bayonet Attachment.

To find one in this fine of condition is a real prize! It differs from all other bayonet attachments because it has a lip at the front of the attachment. The original model 12 trench gun barrel is the same diameter as the model 97.

Hard To Find Item In This Condition.

12 ga trench/ riot shot gun bayonet lug attachment. Blued w marked bayonet lugs show up at least as early as the 1025000 range based on pictures in my databse from auction sales. Model 12 shotguns became known as “trench guns” and were supplied with.

The Top One Is A Model 1895 Bayonet Made For Russia.

The new value of a winchester model 12 shotgun shotgun has risen $429.19 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $824.83. This bayonet attachment will fit only the model 12 commercial barrel. Winchester model 12 trench gun bayonet accessories.

Outstanding World War Ii U.s.

Looks like everything is correct. 20 barrel (19 1/2 if you close the breach and stick a tape down the barrel. The winchester model 12 trench guns are fairly rare as few of them were made.

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