Vickers Mk3

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Vickers Mk3. It weighs 38,000 kg carried a 105mm gun and had a top speed of 48 km/h. Despite the fact that it was never ordered into production, players can look forward to the addition of the highly interesting vickers mk.7, coming soon to war thunder with update 1.93!

Vickers Mk3
A Nigerian Vickers Mk3 MBT demolishes structures at a camp from

This tank was developed in the late 1980s to replace the challenger 1 mbt. In 1983 (other sources say 1984) initiated the development of machines vickers mk 7, which combined the chassis of a german tank leopard 2 and the tower universal turret. The vickers main battle tank series was created with export customers in mind.

A Look At The Vickers Mk 3 Mbt.

The vickers mk.3 main battle tank is a further development of the vickers mk.1 mbt. 3 was a development of the vickers mbt and introduced in 1975 for the export market. It had a new turret with a cast steel front that retained the l7 105mm (a1) main gun.

In Fact It Is A Combination Of A German Leopard 2 Hull, Mated With The Vickers Mk.4 Turret.

Vickers mbt mk.3(i) the vickers mbt mk.3(i) was a significant development of the original mk.3, itself an improvement on the mk.1 currently in the game. The mk3 was an improved mk1. Export operators are nigeria (70 mbts) and kenya (about 80).

To Cover The Characteristics Of The 3(I) Variant, It Would Be Useful To Explain The Changes Of The Mk.3 Over The Mk.1 As Well.

The first prototype was completed in 1963. It is a further development of the earlier vickers mk.4 valiant main battle tank. The vickers mbt is a main battle tank of uk origin.

The Leyland L60 Multifuel Engine That Was Developed For The Chieftain Provides Propulsion.

The vickers mk.1 is like a sniper, designed to engage with minimal threat to the tank and its crew while still being a major thorn in the enemy's side. The vickers main battle tank series was created with export customers in mind. This was an improved version of the mk.1 with a new diesel engine, new sights and a new fire control system, produced from 1978.

70 Tanks Were Sold To Kuwait And A Large Number Of A Modified Version.

A follow on from the mk 1 and mk 2, the mk3 saw sales success in kenya and nigeria. The vickers mbt mk.3 vanguard is a private venture main battle tank intended as a low cost alternative to the more sophisticated and expensive tanks in new commonwealth service such as chieftain. The vickers mk.7 is a british mbt, developed during the 1980s as a potential replacement for the challenger 1 and for the export market.

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