Pya Yarygin

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Pya Yarygin. 6p35 yarygin (prototype) _9×19mm 7n21/para. This gun is gradually replacing the army makarov pistol (only in 2012 started mass production for army).

Pya Yarygin
PYa Yarygin Pistol PYa Catalog Rosoboronexport from

2003 sso belt holster for pm makarov csn fsb alpha/vympel (beslan 2004) add to cart. This is reported by the rf ministry of defense. Yarygin pistol), is a russian pistol designed for russian 9x19mm 7n21 and 7n31 overpressure rounds.

The Main Advantages Of The Rook Include High Firepower, Ergonomics, A Comfortable Sight And Relatively.

The development of the pistol was headed up by the designer vladimir alexandrovich yarygin, under the designation ‘grach. In 2002 it was selected. The polymer frame and single stack magazine make it lighter than the pya.

This Is Reported By The Rf Ministry Of Defense.

Yarygin pistol), is a russian pistol designed for russian 9x19mm 7n21 and 7n31 overpressure rounds. 6p35), also known as the pya (пя, пистолет ярыгина, pistolet yarygina; Download this yarygin pya gun charge close up video now.

Pya Designed Specifically For Use By 9 X 19.

Moreover, this cartridge with increased powder charge. It fires the 9×19 mm 7n21 cartridge which is just a very hot 9mm parabellum. 6p35 yarygin (prototype) _9×19mm 7n21/para.

2003 Sso Belt Holster For Pm Makarov Csn Fsb Alpha/Vympel (Beslan 2004) Add To Cart.

Click to expand the photo. As of 2008, it was supplied only in small numbers to selected special forces units, presumably those in the north caucasus. Pya / yarygin pistol /.

In 2003, It Was Adopted As A Standard Sidearm For All Branches Of Russian Military And Law Enforcement, Alongside.

It was designed by vladimir yarygin in the 1990s and adopted as a standard sidearm by the russian military, law enforcement agencies, and special units of the ministry of internal affairs. In october 2008 the russian interior minister planned to equip more russian police with pya pistols. It was developed in the 1990's as a replacement for the ubiquitous makarov pm pistol.

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