M1014 Vs M4

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M1014 Vs M4. So far, one notable obvious difference is the full length mag tube. M1014 is fixed barrel, but m4 has swappable chokes.

M1014 Vs M4
Custom benelli m4 from baking-studio.com

The most weight of the shotgun is 8.42 pounds, which is lighter as compared to m4a1 carbine. So far, one notable obvious difference is the full length mag tube. One good reason the m1014 is better than the m4 is that if you have the m1014 you get bigger deer!!!

The Question Of Worth Is Highly Subjective.

I have seen some other members discuss the simplicity and even perhaps better reliability one might expect with the original m1014 limited edition 11701 vs. It helps in retraining the. Personally, i’d go for the m4.

This Is Just Like The One Used By The United States Marine Corps.

However, the collapsible stock/pistol grip is not allowed in ca. Title, except i'm talking about the usmc m1014. M4 shotguns sold through benelli tactical are available with the.

The M4 Shotgun Is Sold In Three Configurations:

The m4/m1014 are the same shotgun but with some furniture & cosmetic differences. Fun fact, i recorded this video completely independently from jay's favorite shotgun video right around the exact same time. Benelli built the m1014 from the ground up to meet the marine corps requirements.

M4 With An 18.5 In (470 Mm) Barrel;

The m1014 is a pure combat shotgun designed for fighting in close quarter’s situations. A m4 will do what it has to no matter what color it is. If you plan to take it out in the rain or are in humid location then it might be worthwhile to have.

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Fixed preview images for almost all items except the m1014 receiver, highly recommend you clear the temp folder to see the difference: Thoughts on fixed stock m1014 vs pistol grip m4. You're paying extra for the stock to look different and to have a flag just get an m4.

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