Hs-30 Turret

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Hs-30 Turret. The development of the panhard aml hs.30 was rather unclear. The role of the 20 mm autocannon in german doctrine was to engage helicopters, antitank weapons, and light armored vehicles, thus freeing tanks to concentrate their fire against other tanks.

Hs-30 Turret
Gulumik Military Models HS30 Schutzenpanzer Lang 1/72 from gulumik.blogspot.com

One where the camera focuses on the subject in centre frame; Panzer 51 and hs 30 from the front. Hs 30 at maximal elevation.

The Role Of The 20 Mm Autocannon In German Doctrine Was To Engage Helicopters, Antitank Weapons, And Light Armored Vehicles, Thus Freeing Tanks To Concentrate Their Fire Against Other Tanks.

Or you can have focus at the near centre of frame continually alter. Panzer 51 and hs 30 from the front. A total of 2.000 rounds are carried.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle Has Crew Of 3 And Room For 5 Troops.herpa 743990, Roco Minitanks 211.

The hs.30 was strongly armed and was designed for use in conjunction with tanks, because according to german doctrine, tanks must fight against tanks and not against other vehicles, antitank positions or helicopters, so this task was left for vehicles like the hs.30. Hs 30 at maximal depression. Unlike other armoured personnel carriers that were in use at the time the hs.30 was fitted with a turret equipped with a 20mm.

A High Speed Capture At 320Fps Is Available Provided You Can Use The 320×112 Pixel Screen Size.

The development of the panhard aml hs.30 was rather unclear. It was armed with a 20 mm cannon which was an unusually powerful weapon for an armoured. Comparison of the hs 30 with the panzer 51.

One Where The Camera Focuses On The Subject In Centre Frame;

As with the f770exr, exposure and white balance continually correct as you shoot video. Comparison of the hs 30 with the panzer 51 panzer 51 and hs 30 from the front rear view another hs 30 picture from the rear hs 30 at maximal depression hs 30 at maximal elevation mowag pirat turret facing left turning the turret turret facing right mowag pirat compared to panzer 51 sideview front rear specifications: Prototype with a special gun;

Hs 30 At Maximal Depression.

This is about as good as you will get as the sloped sides of the original mammoth troop compartment limits the art of the possible. The vehicles was a panhard aml mounting a brand new hs 30 turret built by cnmp. Fitted with a 105 mm howitzer barrel;

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