How To Shave A Beret

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How To Shave A Beret. Use sewing scissors to trim around the headband. Shave the beret using a regular shaver;

How To Shave A Beret
Men's/Woman's Black Fleece Beret with Renaissance Trim Etsy from

When you get home you can put it on top of a football in the airing cupboard to dry. Just smooth out the appearance. Trace around the outline with a marker or pen.

Place The Beret On With The Adjustable Ribbon To The Rear.

Exercise caution and do not shave the same spot multiple times as this can thin out the fabric to the point of creating a hole. Starting at the center, gently shave outward. Begin combing over the excess beret from the left to the right while holding the stiffner with your left hand.

This Fold Should Not Cover Any Of The Area Where Your Device Will Rest.

Some cut the ribbon, others just tuck it under the beret. Make sure you get whatever tuck you like behind the flash, and get the fold pulled down to your ear right. Shave the beret all around by equal force until you see the stitching but pay attention to the interior side in case of shaving it through.

Take A Shower With Your New Beret On And Get It Soaking Wet With Hot Water As Soon As You Enter The Shower.

Pull the front and back end of the rims (the drawstring end and the opposite of that) to clearly divide the beret into two. Continue doing this until you have a smooth surface. Tie the ribbon so that the beret fits your head snugly.

Cut Half Of The Cardboard And Make It Round Off On The Tip.

Soak in the hottest water you can stand to put your head in for about 3 minutes, wring out, put on your dome, and start pulling and shaping. Outline the size according to the desired beret to cut the cardboard in. Worn on the side of the head it offers a trendy, stylish result.

So It’s Just As Well The Beret Is Flexible Enough To Adapt To These Criteria.

Pull it into desired shape and let it dry naturally. Use sewing scissors to trim around the headband. Sometimes you may need to shape it multiple times to have it fixed correctly.

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