Ak 74 M

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Ak 74 M. It provides consistent damage although lower than average. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Ak 74 M
Current Crown Jewel of the Collection AK74M Clone ak47 from www.reddit.com

By replacing the wooden furniture with black polymer ones, not only improves its impact strength and resistance against corrosion, but also makes it lightweight. The weapon is modular with the ability to have attachments in all three slots and can take the curved 30 round, 40 round, or 75 round drum. It is briefly seen for less then a second before choices appear before coming back into view.

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Thanks very much to the bro who donated me ! The 5.45mm rifle is being produced by izhmash ojsc. In fleeing the complex, it is used as the wall's main assault rifle, though the majority of wall employees carry pistols.

We Would Like To Show You A Description Here But The Site Won’t Allow Us.

Pertama kali dibuat tahun 1974. It is only used by the wall. It was introduced in the operation wind bastion expansion pack and is available for use by nomad.

It Is Commonly Fired In Bursts.

It is unknown how to obtain it, but you can get it through admin commands. Dovely #0588 i ️ asianboys Fielded as the standard assault rifle by the russian army, the m variant includes a side folding polymer stock and a scope mount rail on the left side of the weapon.

If U Know Me No Tf U Dont D;

The 75 round magazines can only be found in radioactive areas such as the mine and nuclear plant, or bunker alpha. Best suited for close quarters combat. It is a very stable and consistent gun, neither being horrible at anything nor having perks that make the gun stand out.

All Set The Mod Will Work However Dont Use Any Optic Attachments As It Will Float Hope You Enjoy This Mod Do Not Re Upload This Mod To Any Other Site.

In zombie uprising, released in the october 15, 2021 update. It was designed to be a more versatile weapon than its predecessors, and features a number of improvements aimed at reducing weight and increasing reliability. Battlefield 3 ak74m mod created by trophihunter model/stock textures by dice install instructions:

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