Agm 114P

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Agm 114P. Bunkers, light vehicles, urban (soft) targets and caves; The unit price was $196,000.

Agm 114P
Ammo Hellfire Missiles from

Helper | cold war database Unit cost for 2014 was $164,000. It is the principal antitank.

This Variant Has A New Integrated Blast Frag Sleeve (Ibfs.

Bunkers, light vehicles, urban (soft) targets and caves; For a variety of reasons, the hellfire's technology is aging and not always appropriate, and several nations and consortia are seeking alternatives. The unit price was $196,000.

Bunkers, Light Vehicles, Urban (Soft) Targets And Caves;

Helper | cold war database Sensors and weapons placement on map: A derivative of the “romeo” missile.

Unit Cost For 2014 Was $164,000.

A total of 31,616 were produced by both martin marietta and. Features improved field of view. Features a multimission warhead for use against all target sets (armored vehicles, hardened infrastructure, and soft targets).

8,000 M (8,749 Yd) Guidance:

The unit price stood at $160,000. Version optimized for use from ucavs (increased engagement envelope) target: That requires greater environmental tolerances, as the difference between temperature at launch altitude and near the target can be well over 100 degrees fahrenheit.

It Is The Principal Antitank.

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