50Mm Pak 38

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50Mm Pak 38. However, it remained in use until the end of world war 2. The 45mm m1937 and the 50mm pak 38 have almost the same values in the game, but they are 2 completely different weapons, the first being an inf at gun.

50Mm Pak 38
50mm PaK 38 WalkAround Photos English from www.net-maquettes.com

76mm field gun model 1942 10 with 50mm pak 38. The pak 38 fielded a maximum range of nearly 3,000 yards.

The Gun Was Carried Without Its Wheels, But Was Otherwise Complete.

The ammunition used for the 5 cm pak 38 and the 5 cm kw k 39 (l/60) used on the pz kpfw iii was identical. Production of the at gun started in 1940 and it was first used in limited numbers on the eastern front in april. 76mm field gun model 1942

Specifications Type Medium Towed At Gun Calibre 50Mm (1.97In) Vehicle Length N/A Length Of Barrel 3.173M (124.9In) Weight Travelling 986Kg (2174Lb.

The book i got this picture from (sorry for direct photo of my book. The pak 38 was first used by the german forces during the second world war in april 1941. The 37mm pak 36 could fire a he shell up to 5.484m and is a much smaller weapon.

75Mm Puteaux Field Gun Model 1897:

One particularly good feature of the pak 38 carriage was the low profile, so naturally the. 50mm pak 38 post by yan » 03 sep 2009, 13:00 hi, is it true that the 50mm pak 38 had a maximum range of only 2.600m with a he shell ? For space reasons, the ammunition names have been abbreviated in the table, but is.

Nearly Looks Like A M3 Stuart To Me.

Sdkfz 10 with 50mm pak 38. I was looking for references on the marder iid when i came across a drawn profile of a panzer 1b with a 50mm pak in place of the turret. The difference between an inf at gun and a motor towed is that the first one is a fairly simple weapon,delivered to at coy in every inf regiment, served usually by a crew of 2, and that could be.

Light Armour Was Added To The Engine Compartment And Driver's Cab.

By kfbr392 » 24 feb 2011, 19:56. 75mm skoda field gun model 1928: 0 89195 86444 4 case pack:

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