1939 Walther Ppk

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1939 Walther Ppk. Gosh this one is pretty! Some of these videos/articles include:

1939 Walther Ppk

We have videos and articles on or related to our ppks. I have one of these already with more finish wear that i'll be selling to fund this purchase. The walther ppk is considered one the first concealed carry guns, and was coveted by the german military during ww2.

Only 5 Of These Pistols Out Of An Estimated Contract Delivery Of 50 Pistols Are.

As far as i'm concerned, there's no upgrading from this one. Gosh this one is pretty! I’ve had it for 30 years and it was one of the very first gun i bought.

Some Of These Videos/Articles Include:

This pistol was manufactured in 1939. Particularly unique nazi party leader walther ppk. Just wanted to show it off.

I Have One Of These Already With More Finish Wear That I'll Be Selling To Fund This Purchase.

These were only chambered in 7.65mm browning (.32 acp) and.22 lr because of the increase in felt recoil from the lighter weight of the gun. Beautiful frame and excellent bore. This beautiful looking pistol is one of the early wartime made pistols with the high grade commericial finish, the less polished military finish was introduced in 1941.

In 96% Condition, We Have A Very Rare And Historic 1939 Polish Military Contract Walther Ppk Pistol.

In 94% condition, with one factory original matching numbered magazine, we have a rare and highly sought after ss issue walther ppk pistol.this is the very desirable” k under variant” also described as type 3 which was produced in 1939. Ss walther pp/ppk identification & documents i first published the definitive work on the subject in 2010 and it quickly sold out. Well, it would eventually be a military service pistol.

There Were Only About 7,000 Such Serials Used, And About 1,000 Of Them Were Police Marked.

In 1910, walther introduced the deutche selbstlade pistole walther in 6.35mm. Also a pistol full of history. I have one of these already with more finish wear that i'll be selling to fund this purchase.

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